As Scomo stepped out to address the nation, the guys at Brouhaha Brewery, like many around the country, tuned in with bated breath, waiting to see how the new restrictions would shake up business and day-to-day life as we know it.

Despite the introduction of unprecedented restrictions on our hospitality industry, with some forward-thinking and a never-say-die attitude, these guys have firmly looked coronavirus in the eye and said ‘not today, rona’. After watching them pivot with the grace of Dimity Azoury (Google her), we were eager to jump on the phone and quiz them on how they did it… then sell the answers online for pocket money. 

A team effort

“We’re feeling optimistic about the pivot that’s been made but scared as the future is so uncertain and sad to have to let go members of the team.” Brouhaha were ahead of the ball from the get-go but nothing could quite prepare them for having to say ‘good-bye for now’ to a large portion of their team. “Our primary focus is to make sure we have a business for them to return to.” 

The remaining team members have pulled together like the underdogs in a great 90s movie. “Since the business setup has completely changed, our roles have had to completely change as well. And with a smaller team, each of us have had to step up and pull our weight more.” 

The team mindset extends beyond the immediate Brouhaha family. “We were really determined to keep ourselves in business as it is not just our staff that rely on our business. We want to keep up our orders with our wholesalers and producers, so they can continue to go on as well.”

Delivery & killer home meals

Within two days, an idea was turned into reality and both the brewery and restaurant menus were made available for delivery throughout the Maleny and Noosa areas. 

“We sat down as a team and started throwing ideas around but we didn’t want to just jump on the first thing that came to mind, because we wanted the offering and product to serve our customers long-term but also suit the current climate.”

“Watching it actually come to life within 48 hours was really uplifting. So far, it’s working really well and we’re super impressed with the product [ready-made meals] that our chefs have been able to come up with.”

Staying positive

“Every time the PM does an address, it’s like hunger games – you don’t know if your name is going to be called.” Yikes.

A bit dark? Sure. Accurate? Yeah, that too. No one knows how rona is gonna shake things up next and we’re all on the edge of our seats watching things develop. It’s making it kinda hard to keep the good vibes flowing… So how are Brouhaha Brewery keeping the smiles on their faces?

“The feedback and support from our locals has been amazing. We have been receiving calls saving that what we are providing is such a great idea and that they are going to support us as they want us here when this is all over.”

“Content creation has also been a really fun opportunity for the team, since our social media has become more important than ever.”

Small business making rona its bitch

Brouhaha Brewery are weathering this storm exceptionally well and they are a gold-star example of small business’ versatility and agility.  

The secret? “Definitely our staff. The skills they’ve brought to the table and how they’ve so quickly and effectively changed up how they do things have been amazing. Both our head chef and sous chef have so quickly learnt about meal reheating and changed how they cook so that we can offer this to our customers.”

Next steps

“Right now, we’re just focused on just getting through and making it to the other side so that we can keep going and bring our team back on board.”

Anything to say to COVID-19?

‘Party-pooper’ is the term used amongst the team. Well, there were others, but we couldn’t publish them…


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