Marketing for when you’re royally folked

Dear COVID-19, you suck. 

No seriously, no one likes you. Least of all the hospitality industry who have been forced to stack the chairs and send home even their very best barista. 

At a time like this, marketing can seem like your last concern. And for most people’s definition of marketing, we can understand – now is not the time to be upgrading your logo. But when you understand marketing as the all-encompassing, broad concept that it truly is, you’ll realise that it’s your best friend in business when things are folked. 

Marketing according to the Oxford Dictionary

(If we’re being honest, this is from

Marketing (noun): the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling. 

Alrighty, let’s break this down.

Marketing is not only the way you advertise a product through your brand and social media accounts, it’s also how customers are able to buy it from you and how you get it to your customers. With physical shop fronts closed up and way fewer people out and about, these are the areas of your business that just got turned upside down. 

This is the time to be deep diving into the world of e-commerce (that is, selling things via the internet), whether through your social media accounts, a third-party (think like UberEats) or your own website.

Even advertising can be thought of more broadly than your logo and a few posts on social media. Think how your customers can help spread the word. Reach out to foodie publications asking them to do a feature on your business or prominent social media personalities for a shout out and tag. And of course, list your business right here on Folk!

Limber up

Flexibility and adaptability; the two most sought after business resources right now (obviously excluding toilet paper and pasta). 

Now is the time for quick thinking and fast moving. While usually marketers would encourage strategic planning, risk analysis, ensuring you understand the market, blah blah blah blah, right now, our advice is ‘just do it’ (I think we stole that from somewhere…).

Know what you’re bloody amazing at

Your brand might be famous for an amazing dine-in experience, made even more exceptional by your incredible wait staff and your restaurant’s position right beside the Brisbane River. Unfortunately, none of that is worth much when COVID-19 forces your doors shut. 

So now it’s time to adapt! Pivot your incredible dine-in experience to be a way for couples to rekindle the romance in iso. Your fruit shop’s old-fashioned customer service might now include delivering fresh produce right to your customer’s car door, or even their home. 

There’s always a way to take your best assets and make them valuable to your customers. After all, everyone is looking for the silver lining around the cloud that is 2020…

The moral of the story

If you’ve ever wanted a license to just jump in and ‘give it a go’, this pandemic is handing them out left, right and centre. So go on, limber up so that can collectively kick COVID-19 right in the face!


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